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Dr. Zahir I Kazi

Dr. Zahir I. Kazi

President, Anjuman-I-Islam

My Dear Student,

I extend a warm welcome to you to the Anjuman-I-Islam Schools. Please be assured that this is not just a school, but a place of learning, which in addition to academic excellence, would also help you for your character building and personality development in general. You should realize that by entering into your school you are becoming a part of movement with the Anjuman-I-Islam.

The Vision of Anjuman Islam is to creat the highest standard of learning through Technology Aided Teaching, by which one can gain knowledge and skills encompassing a wide range of discipline, resulting in the overall development of an individual. Anjuman-I-Islam values true National Spirit, appreciation of Indian Culture, keen civic social sense, and above all-Islamic Values and the same are inculcated in our students. We want to see our students perfect in their field of education, a good human being and a Good Muslim. As president of Anjuman-I-Islam, I extend my best wishes to my students and appeal to them to be punctual, regular in attendenace and to treat the school as your “Second Home”.



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