Aurum Codex Slot Review

Aurum Codex Slot Review: RTP 95.77% (Red Tiger)

You must be curious about this Aurum Codex slot review. This Red Tiger’s slot is a game that takes some inspiration from medieval alchemists, giving the characters an almost wizard-like quality, at least if we judge them by the background laboratory with its books, vials, and hourglasses. 

This new production will be characterized by the typical high end graphics of this developer combined with a few intriguing features, but also with more volatility.

Summary of Aurum Codex Slot Review

The Aurum Codex slot machine will include the customary five reels and twenty paylines. You can pull off wins of up to 4,131 times your investment if the appropriate features are present. 

If you take into account the risks involved, it could sound nice, but the volatility is also high and the RTP is only 95.77%, so there is room for improvement. The features that will help you include scatters, free spins, and wild symbols in both Alchemy and Golden variations.

1. Betting Options

Modern games usually make it quite simple for players to place a wager; all they have to do is choose the wager amount. You choose a total stake for the round from among the standard Red Tiger betting options, with values ranging from $0.10 to $20.

It’s possible to win a payment of up to 4,131 times your initial bet when playing this game. A respectable payout, however it should be noted that there is some danger because the volatility is considerably higher than typical. Sadly, they chose a poor RTP; at 95.77%, we’d say the game works below average.

2. Game Features

When matching symbols appear three or more times on active lines, from left to right, to produce a win, wilds can assist you. Alchemy Wilds are the feature symbols that appear on the first and fifth reels in mpo slot

These are unique because each one has two opportunities to assist you before becoming trapped in their landing position and remaining for an additional spin.

Golden Wilds are additional symbols that appear when Alchemy Wilds do so on the first and fifth reels of the same row. On the same row as the symbols from reels 2-4, Golden Wilds will be created. They are substitutes on all lines where they are present and their own combo pays 15 times the bet.

Finally, you’ll receive 10 rounds of free spins, but to activate it, scatter symbols must simultaneously land on reels 2, 3, and 4. 

The possibility of receiving a further 5 or 10 free spins exists, but this is a random event over which you have no control. Here, the extra feature is the capacity to make Alchemy Wilds sticky for the duration of all free spins.

3. Theme and Design

The theme is one of alchemy or wizardry, and it brings us to a lab. It has the appearance of a medieval laboratory, the kind of place an alchemist or wizard could call home. 

Just like what you see in the background image, there are books on shelves, jars, hourglasses, and vials. The exquisite reels feature a variety of symbols, including royals, wild symbols from spell books, bird skulls, scatters, keys, scales, and scrolls.

Final Words

When it comes to the visuals, this slot is a game that’s simple to appreciate, and there are many more things to like about it as well. 

The standard wilds and free spins are still used as the main features, but they have been slightly altered to make them more engaging. Overall of Aurum Codex slot review, it is a good game all around, but we believe it might have been much better with a higher RTP and bigger top rewards. You can try more at situs slot gacor hari ini.

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