Aliens Slot Review

Aliens Slot Review Based On 1000 Spins

Games By Aug 23, 2022

Let’s tested the new online slot from Netent: Aliens and played 1000 spins. In this Aliens slot review, you can read everything about this slot machine. Netent has pulled the plug on Aliens. Unfortunately, you can no longer play these slots in any online casino. Maybe the Narcos slot is a good alternative for you?

The Aliens slot is based on the horror film Aliens from 1986. If you like science fiction, you’ve come to the right place: the slot’s graphics are beautifully crafted, with fun and surprising 3D effects. The Aliens symbol consists – how surprising – extraterrestrials.

We find the mood of the slots on the chilly side: the colours are black, grey and (dark) blue – and winter is far from over. The soundtrack is also (very) gloomy. According to Netent, the alien payout percentage (RTP) is 96.4%. That’s not too bad. Favourite slots like Starburst (96.09%) or Gonzo’ Quest (95.97%) pay less.

How Do Aliens Work?

When you start playing in the Aliens slot game and you score a winning combination (there are fifteen paylines), you activate the meter: Alien Activity Gauge. Well, we aren’t making this up either. The more winning symbols, the more squares on the meter will be filled with aliens.

If you spin another winning spin after your winning spin the Alien will be added to your Alien Activity Meter, if you don’t spin the prize one alien will be removed. This repeats until there is not a single alien left on your meter.

When your Alien Meter is full, you activate the first feature: The Encounter. You will then receive some free spins, with each spin, however good, guaranteed at least one prize. After each round, a shooting scene follows where the alien is killed or not, you do not influence that.

Drop aliens to Earth, recover, on the spaceship, and then your free spins will continue. If that doesn’t work, you’re ‘done’ and back to the base game. If you press it ten times in a row, you’ll get feature number two: The Hive.

The goal of The Hive is to defeat the Queen who rules over the aliens. Great idea, but you don’t have any influence over it (again) – you’re watching a video game you can’t control yourself.

1000 Spins Test For Aliens Slot

To form a good judgment about the Aliens slot review, We have played 1000 spins itself.

In terms of playing and winning, the Aliens slot basic game is rather monotonous. It is unusual to win more than ten times your bet. Even five occurrences of the ‘top symbol’ (red alien) in a single win line do not result in a payout of 76 times your bet. mediocre. Aliens do give out multipliers through the meter above, but it’s rarely impressive.

Fortunately, The Encounter function frequently interrupts the tedious base game. We managed to hit it 25 times in 1000 spins, or once every 40 spins on average. However, you will not get wealthy overnight. We win 17 times the stake on average.

The Nest is up next. We only met the alien queen once, and it was at the very final moment, after 969 rounds. He won 61.3 times his bet. That’s fantastic, but if it’s the top reward in 1000 spins, we’re not sure how you can win with Aliens.

Results in Aliens

  • The total result after 1000 spins at € 0.15: € 33.80 loss
  • Top five wins: €9.20, €8.80, €5.85, €5.80, €5.30
  • How often The Encounter features: 25 times, average profit € 2.60
  • How often The Hive features: 1 time, profit € 9.20
  • On average you get a feature once every 40 spins

Final Conclusion on Aliens Slot

We are not quite happy with Aliens slot review. A neat ending, that’s for sure, and without a doubt an asset to fans of the Aliens movie, as well as to fans of science fiction.
On the other hand, the atmosphere is not very pleasant, the basic gameplay is boring, the features are not very convincing and the wins are nothing to brag about. We have tested a much exciting slot.

So, thank you for reading our Aliens slot review. Hopefully, it helps and good luck playing this aquaslot game. 

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