HippoPop review

HippoPop Review (High Volatility | RTP 96.1%)

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Are you looking for the HippoPop review? Now, you are in the right place! Avatar UX knows when they’re on to something good, as illustrated by the addition of another slot to their expanding PopWins lineup. 

This game, which is available through Yggdrasil’s Masters YGS Program, makes use of the popular reel expansion device for the sixth time. This time, the team hasn’t gone all out to be innovative with the features, which are pretty standard PopWins extras. 

Instead, more effort was expended in polishing the game and designing an unusual theme to give it character.

Best HippoPop Review

Apart from CherryPop, all of the PopWins games have used imaginative themes to spice up the action. It is no exception, with influences ranging from Oaxacan art to Alebrijes-inspired visions. 

The latter are Aztec spirit guides, which are basically animals with human characteristics. Instead of animals from Central America, we get lots of new African beasts.

The studio has presented all of these disparate ideas in a bright, neon way, similar to an Ayahuasca trip through the Amazon basin, but with different wildlife. To be sure, it’s an unusual combination, but it works and is somewhat unique.

1. RTP and Volatility

Tripping through the woods can be done on any device with bets ranging from 20 p/c to £/€40. HippoPop PopWins favors the daring due to a highly volatile math model, yielding a 96.1% return. 

It’s a game with big potential wins, and it’s all about the free spins, which appear once every 240 spins on average. Regular wins drop at a much higher rate, at a theoretical rate of 20.50% of the time.

2. Paytable

Each base game spin begins with a 5-reel, 3-row grid that offers 243 ways to win. Wins are awarded from left to right on the first reel or right to left on the last reel, and they activate a cascade feature. If you’ve ever played a PopWins slot, you’ll know that it won’t last long. 

When a win occurs, the winning symbol is removed and replaced by two new ones, increasing the size of the reel – up to 6 in the base game. The PopWins process continues until new wins appear, at which point the grid is reset.


Symbols have been divided into four groups, as is usual with Avatar UX. The low-paying J to A symbols come first, followed by fish, birds, and frogs as the medium-paying symbols. 

Premiums include zebras, cats, and flamingos, while the super high category includes a lone hippo. Payouts from the second and third groups are worth 2-4 times the stake. 

Values aren’t particularly high, but they are doubled when five symbols in a row land due to the pay-both-ways mechanic. As far as symbols go, Avatar UX has done away with wilds and scatters, instead of relying on the PopWins feature to give bigger payouts.

3. Slot Features

In the base game, when all reels reach 6 rows high, each subsequent win increases a win multiplier displayed to the left of the screen. The bonus game is also triggered by unlocking 6 rows on all reels.

You are initially given 5 free spins, but you can gamble them on a bonus wheel to win up to 12 spins in total – or lose them all if your luck runs out. It is also worth noting that the win multiplier from the activating spin is decided to carry over to the free spins.

Free Spins

Free spins begin on a 5×3 grid that can expand to 8 rows high during the bonus. Each win adds a +1 to the win multiplier, which does not reset between spins. Rows are not necessarily reset to three, but only to the shortest reel height currently active on the grid. 

This means that if all rows reach 8 in height, giving you 65,536 ways to win, they will stay that way for the duration of the feature. Furthermore, unlocking the reels grants +2 free spins. Finally, when all rows reach 6, 7, or 8 high, hippos payout x2, x3, or x4 times their base amount, respectively.

Bonus Buy

The bonus buy costs 85x the total bet where permitted. This entitles you to 5 free spins and a multiplier of x2-x4 at the start. Alternatively, you can use the gamble wheel to get up to 9 free spins and a starting multiplier of up to x10. Easy way to win just by joining the best slot online terbaik at MPOAPI and Bovada. Don’t forget to read the online casino strategy at those sites.

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Final Verdict

To conclude this HippoPop review, it doesn’t do much that its previous generations didn’t, despite the fact that the theme is a little different. It may appear to be a cultural mismatch, but it is a nice change of pace from Egyptian or Irish cuisine. 

So far, Avatar UX has managed to avoid using the most obvious themes; however, at the rate, they are churning out these PopWins games, how long will it be before they run out of original ideas and resort to clichés?

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