Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot

Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot Overview: Max Win, Number of Reels, Paylines Theme

Games By Oct 17, 2022

Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot is a game that most people are immediately familiar with after more than 80 years being one of the most well-liked and classic board game designs in existence.

Most people have at least once rolled a die to send their token jumping past Go, which has become a staple of global popular culture, been licensed in more than 100 countries, and is accessible in close to 40 languages.

It goes without saying that Monopoly is a game that many people enjoy, and the video game and online gaming industries have capitalized on this. There have been numerous land-based and online slot machine renditions of Parker Brothers’ immensely popular board game, and most recently, Evolution Gaming unveiled Monopoly Live, a brand-new limited-edition version of the well-known Dream Catcher wheel.

However, the most recent addition to the family of Monopoly slots is a game from Shuffle Master, a partner of SG Digital, called Monopoly Grand Hotel. Playable on all devices for 25 cents to 200 euros each spin, this 5-reel, 50-payline slot has a GO feature where you can win cash prizes, gain entry to the free spins round, or win jackpots up to 1000 times your stake.

Each time you land the necessary symbol during the Free Spins round, you’ll receive a Free Parking Bonus game and up to 240 additional spins. Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot doesn’t look particularly innovative, and unless you’re a die-hard fan of the franchise, you might have trouble distinguishing some of them distinctly.

There is no escaping the brand thanks to the background’s golden Rich Uncle Pennybags coins and banknotes and the iconic emblem in the top left corner. The symbols on the reels have a post-war aesthetic and feature the standard A to J card values in addition to dice, cruise ships, propeller jets, antique vehicles, pets, and free parking signs. The dog and parking symbols are the highest payouts, with five of a kind being worth five times your wager.

Uncle Pennybags serves as the wild sign and takes the place of all other icons besides the house, hotel, and GO. Only the reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 feature the wild. Additionally, you may see icons for hotels and houses, which we will discuss further. Another symbol to watch out for is the GO symbol, which only shows up on the middle three reels.

Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot: Features

The GO feature will start when the GO symbol shows up here on three middle reels.

You get one spin on the GO reel, and among the rewards are access to the Free Spins feature, cash payouts between 2 and 20 times your wager, and the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots, which provide prizes of 10, 25, or 1000 times your wager, respectively.

Alternatively, landing six or maybe more hotel and/or house icons will start the free spins. Additionally, you’ll be awarded the cash prizes tied to each house and hotel symbol, which can be worth up to 25 times your wager for each sign.

You can receive anywhere between 6 and 15 free spins depending on how many houses or hotels you landed to activate the feature. As long as you have six or more home or hotel symbols throughout the bonus round, you can retrigger the feature and earn up to 240 additional free spins.

The Free Parking Bonus symbol will now be tagged with the total value of the hotel/house icons that triggered the free spins feature. The total you gained when you activated the feature will be added to your wins when it comes into view. You will earn something every time you land the Free Parking Bonus symbol, for instance, if the cumulative worth of the houses or hotels was 40 times your wage when the feature was activated.

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Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot: Verdict

We take great pleasure in playing a game of Monopoly. Unfortunately, your time at Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot will be brief, and it’s possible that you’ll quickly grow bored. You’re left with a slot that appears to be a little old because the presentation is quite simple and the gameplay lacks any form of creativity or variation.

Although there is potential to amass some respectable wins in the Free Spins game, because of the medium variance, don’t anticipate any spectacular wins (with the exception of the Grand Jackpot, of course). The trusted online site bandar bola is DEPOBET88 can play sports games such as soccer betting and others.

The Monopoly Grand Hotel Slot is a passable slot with respectable potential but overly dependent on its brand. Big Event is still the greatest iteration if you’re especially looking for a Monopoly-themed slot, in our opinion.