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Pirate Gold Deluxe Slot Review – Slot Features & Experience

Games, info By May 19, 2022

It’s rare for a developer to release a Deluxe edition of their game, but this usually implies that you’ll be getting a more powerful version. This is not the case with Pirate Gold Deluxe.

Pirate Gold Deluxe Slot Review

Source: New Slot Games

Pragmatic Play has taken some unusual decisions here, such as reducing the potency of the game by half and eliminating the bonus round entirely. The games are visually similar, although the background changes slightly.


The good news is that the Respins round is now available for purchase (not for England players). Three different modifier money bags, as well as a retrigger treasure chest, have been included in this Hold & Win Respin function. The duplicator bag, in particular, provides some intrigue, but labeling this “luxury” edition sounds a bit odd.

Lucky Treasure Bag Features

It’s all about the Lucky Treasure Bag feature here, which you can activate by landing at least 8 money bag symbols. Moneybags may drop cash prizes at random, but may also contain Small or Big jackpots. The trigger money bag symbol attaches to the reels, and you get three re-spins to start with.

During this feature, you can only land purple, red, or green chests, empty, or money bags. The respin count resets to 3 if you land at least one non-empty symbol. Any symbols you get on the reels will also become sticky. The chest symbol, as well as various colored money bags, enable the following features:

  • Purple money bag – absorbs all the value of the moneybag causing the feature to be activated.
  • The red money bag absorbs the total value of all the money bags on the screen.
  • Green money bag – increases your total feature win by 2x, 3x, or 5x by adding the value of the 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier to the global multiplier.
  • When the current feature has been completed, the chest will re-trigger it. 

When you run out of respins or all 20 reel positions have been closed, the Hold & Spin Respin feature stops. If you get at least one green pocket, the global multiplier is applied to all cash pocket values. You also win a Grand Jackpot of 1,000x your stake if all 20 places are filled.

Money Response feature

Although the Deluxe version has lost many features, you now have the option to purchase the Money Respins feature. You will be charged 100 times your investment, and subsequent spins will earn you between 8 and 19 money bag symbols. For UK gamers, the bonus purchase option is not available.

Pirate Gold Deluxe Experience 200 Spins

We gave in to the temptation and paid for the Money Respins feature after a long period of playing the base game. If you like, you can skip the tedious part and jump right into the extra features at 0:42 in the 200-round highlight video. We won a significant amount too but you have to judge for yourself whether we made a profit or not.

Summary Of The Pirate Deluxe Slot Review

Strange to call this the “luxury” version of the Pirate Gold Deluxe. A fancy version of something is usually more profitable, but this game was just the opposite. Although the aesthetics have been improved a bit, the 15,000x multiplier is less than half of what the original title stated. Pragmatic Play is famous for its “controversial” max wins that never seem to materialize, so we don’t see why the premium edition should be cut in half.

Final Conclusion

Source: New Slot Games

Pragmatic has also opted to remove the free spins round, leaving only the Hold & Win Respin feature. The many features of the money bag are an interesting variation, but getting just one multiplier bag is difficult. 

By the way, the same goes for retrigger chests, although when you get a good multiplier the payoff can be huge in Pirate Gold Deluxe.

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